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Audi exhaust valve control

The EGR valve is controlled by a computer that runs a solenoid in sequential masses. Vacuum pump pressure works on the EGR valve and opens it if the injection computer has a strong grip on the valve. Carbon and calamine particles accumulate in the intake due to the exhaust gas recirculation operation.

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. A regulator used to regulate exhaust back pressure. Fits A3 2.0 LITER. 2.0 LITER, DIESEL. 2011-14. 2012-14. 2013-14. DIESEL. SEDAN, 2011-14. Sedan/Wagon, 2.0 LITER, DIESEL. WAGON, 2.0 LITER. WAGON, 2010-11, 2.0 LITER. 3 people have looked at this part recently What This Fits Product Types Show More Dealer Price $ 227.24 Fulfillment Options Shipping.

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Valve OFF. Product Description. Audi 8Y RS3 Sportback Fi Exhaust (Frequency Intelligent The Fi EXHAUST system is designed with a valvetronic technology to control airflow, sound When valves are closed exhaust gasses are routed through the muffler resulting in a low-profile comfortable drive.

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2 Exhaust Rocker Arm With Hydroelement 3 Brake Rocker Arm 4 Exhaust Rocker Arm Spindle 6 Exhaust Camshaft 7 Outlet Valve 21 Piston 22 Check Valve When In Engine... with hydroelement (2) which opens the respective exhaust valve (7). Valve control on the inlet side.

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complete control With the AVC module you can, any time at any time to open / close the flaps The engine is spared (safety function) Rides in full load with it closed valves can cause damage. For this reason, our AVC module opens the safety both flaps from a speed of approx. 5000 RPM. Thereby, the motor is relieved and thus spared. series Mode.

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